Frequently Asked Questions

How the music gets packed
in a groove ?

All signals are overlapping !

This is simple:

How does it work ?
A stereo signal in only one groove ?

This is simple but brilliant !

Please study the simulation:

How much recording time
on one side 12" ?

The more bass, the less !
The higher the volume, the less !
The deeper the groove, the less !

Take a look:

How loud can get recorded
with this cutter ?

Very loud !
About +12 dB !
Very loud Maxi Single !

See different Record Types:

Are deep grooves possible
to cut with this machine ?

Very deep grooves
are possible !

Best view with Micrometerscale:

How long
does cutter stylus last ?

up to 300 hours

Read Details:

How to adjust stylus heating ?

With exact stylus temperature
needle noise can get reduced !

Heating must be adjusted accurate:

Is it possible, to cut any kind
of blanks with this machine ?

Yes, but be careful with lacquerdiscs !
The outcut groove is high flammable,
nearly explosive !

Every angle, every weight possible:

Where are the limits
of all vinyl recordings ?

The limits are narrow !

Try to understand this:

Where are the limits
of vinyl playback ?

The limits are narrow too !

Some pictures:

Feedback Cutterhead ?

Yes, optional

Lead-in groove ? Lead-out groove ?
Space groove possible ?

Yes, of course !

Endless grooves (loops) ?

Yes !

Variable groove distance ?


Playback monitoring during the Recording process possible ?

Yes, recommended !

How does the chip or swarf ,
the cutout part of the groove,
get removed from disc ?

With vacuum suction !

I want to record 78 RpM discs.

Record with sample rate 44100
on your computer. For the disc recording, play it with playback rate (44100 / 78) * 45 = 25442

Record with 45 RpM


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