Recording Time

Factor bass:

Basses have the largest amplitudes on disc !
The more basses get recorded,
the larger groove distance is necessary !

Same volume, high frequency and low frequency:

high frequency

low frequency Groove with Bass

Factor volume:

The louder the recording, the more groove distance is necessary !

Standard volume grooves
low volume
High volume grooves
high volume

Factor depth of the groove:

The deeper the groove, the more distance is necessary !

Standard grooves
low volume
Deep grooves
deep groove

High volume and deep groove together :

Standard grooves
low volume
High volume, deep grooves
high volume - deep groove

Maximum recording time:
(low volume, shallow groove, low bass) : 12": 30 minutes

Minimum recording time:
(high volume, deep groove, much bass) : 12": 4 minutes


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